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9 hacks to help you through a power outage


With Washington’s first fall wind storm in full affect, power outages are a big concern.

The Washington State Health Department recommend these tips to help you through a power outage:

  1. Turn off all electrical appliances and lights except for the refrigerator and freezer.
  2. Unplug computers and other sensitive equipment to protect electronics from possible surges when the power is restored.
  3. Only leave one lamp on, so you will know when power is restored.
  4. If power is restored, wait at least 15 minutes before turning on other appliances.
  5. Make sure to conserve your water, especially if you use well water.
  6. Avoid using gas ovens, gas ranges, barbecues or portable heaters for indoor heating.
  7. Use battery-operated flashlights or glow sticks. Avoid the use of candles because they can cause a fire.
  8. Avoid using gas lanterns, stoves and kerosene heaters. Maintain proper ventilation to avoid a build of toxic fumes. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector.
  9. Stay away from downed power lines and broken trees and limbs.

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