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8 things to buy used!


By Clark Howard 

Looking for ways to save? For more and more people, buying second hand has become a first choice for saving money. And second hand doesn’t have to necessarily mean rummaging around a musty old thrift store!

There are tons of websites where you can find nearly brand new stuff — for a fraction of the cost!

8 Items to Buy Used!

  • Clothing
  • Gift Cards
  • MP3s
  • Cars
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Books
  • Electronics

Save big bucks by buying used

If you’re looking for children’s clothing, try You can buy everything from 12 months to size 20 at discounts up to 80% off retail—all without leaving your home to go to a thrift store!

You may also want to check out, which is like an eBay of sorts for Goodwills from across the country.

You can also get great deals on pre-owned gift cards. There’s a whole resale market for cards that other people have gotten as gifts that they either can’t or don’t want to use.

Websites like, and offer a way to unload those unloved gift cards for a small profit.

For more on buying used items, including cars and electronics, click here.

For more information follow this link,

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