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7 hacks to maximize your phone battery during a power outage


With this year’s Washington wind storm in full affect starting Thursday, it’s important to make sure all of your electronics are charged in case of a power outage.

A smartphone can be a lifeline in a storm, but it’s useless without power. Fortunately, there’s never been more ways to keep a smartphone juiced up.

Here are some ways to keep your phone in the green if you lose power:

1. Charge up every laptop in your home. If you lose power, turn a laptop on (but don’t unlock the screen) and use your iPhone or Android cable to charge your phone via the USB ports. Most newer laptops can charge a smartphone multiple times.

2. Keep your phone on “Low Power Mode.” This setting will use far less juice. On an iPhone, go to “Settings,” scroll down to “Battery” and turn on “Low Power Mode.” On an Android, swipe down from the top menu and find the “Power Saving” icon.

3. Stop running apps. Some apps run in the background even when you’re not using them. This will cause your battery to drain faster. Also make sure to disable your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

4. Use your car to charge your phone. Most newer cars have a USB port–or two. Even if your car is out of fuel, you can turn it on and charge it using the car battery. It’s a last resort, but if you have a newer car battery, it will change a phone multiple times easily.

5. Try a battery-life app. There are several free apps for smartphone devices that help extend your phone’s battery-life. According to a CNN report, an app called Carat can help you determine, which power-sucking apps you might want to delete.

6. Buy an external charger if you don’t have one; most drug stores have them. Portable smartphone battery chargers are getting better and less expensive. Most drug store chains have them near the counter, but you will pay more for the convenience. But if you need one right now, that is a good place to look.

Companies such as Anker and Aukey sell high-quality, high capacity chargers on Amazon. Consider buying one before the next storm. Some of the new one have capacities approaching 30,000 mAh, which is enough to charge an phone over five times.

7. Still have power but want to charge a phone quickly without using a wall socket? Plug it into the USB port on your TV. Most newer TVs have one.

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