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520 toll rates tick up again


Drivers that cross the SR 520 Bridge now have to pay a higher toll fee.

Starting July 1st, rates increased five percent for weekday and weekend tolls; the peak period toll will be 20 cents and there is no longer a waived toll for overnight (11 p.m. to 5 a.m.) travel across the bridge. Here is a chart of the new toll rates.The increased toll rates were approved last year by the Washington State Transportation Commission.

WSDOT reported that the new SR 520 bridge is required to generate $1.2 billion in toll revenue to cover a portion of the structure’s cost. Tolls on the bridge generate funds to pay off 30- and 40-year bonds. After the bonds are paid off, the Legislature will decide whether to continue tolling the bridge.

If you cross the bridge and do not have a GoodtoGo pass, the state adds a $2 surcharge per trip and you will receive your bill in the mail. Drivers who don’t use a windshield-mounted pass but register their license plates pay a lesser, 25-cent surcharge.

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