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This mom’s cleaning guide for busy parents is going viral


Mike Timmermann

One busy mother of three was sick and tired of seeing impractical cleaning guides on Pinterest, so she decided to make one of her own – and it’s going viral!

Her daily cleaning recommendations include closing your children’s bedroom doors to hide the mess, letting your dog clean up crumbs and shoving items on the floor into a closet.

“I’ve been seeing all of these pins on Pinterest with daily cleaning schedules so that moms like you and me can make sure we always have a clean house,” Meredith explained in a Facebook video. “And while I think those are all well and good, I kind of don’t think they’re realistic.”

Meredith’s guide gets more hilarious as she explains her weekly cleaning recommendations, like this one for parents overwhelmed by mounds of laundry:

Consider washing sheets but leave them in the washing machine rotting for 3 days.

Here’s the busy mom schedule and here’s how it could help you:

This mom's cleaning guide for busy parents is going viral

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