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3 young cancer survivors share happy update



YUKON, OKla. – Three girls who who battled cancer went viral after posing in a touching photograph have reunited once again.

Lora Scantling, owner of Scantling Photography, revealed this week the latest photo of Rheann Franklin, 9, Ainsley Peters, 7, and Rylie Hughey, 6, and the young cancer survivors are all smiles.

“We try to do something a little bit different each year,” Scantling told the “Today” show.

This year, the girls posed with a gold ribbon.

Their dresses for the shoot are donated every year by Holly Davis at Penelope Children’s Boutique in Oklahoma City.

“The girls absolutely have a blast getting together,” Scantling said. “They have a special and amazing bond that is just incredible to watch.

In 2014, the families shared an image of the three girls embracing each other. At the time, each girl was battling a different form of cancer. Franklin was diagnosed with mucoid spindle sarcoma, Peters was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and Hughey was diagnosed with bilateral Wilms tumors.

All three girls are cancer-free now. The girls are enjoying school and activities like gymnastics and dance. On the “Today” show, Scantling said that Franklin’s hair will not grow back in due to her radiation treatment, but that she is an “amazingly happy and sassy little girl.”

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