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10 things that are cheaper at Whole Foods today, thanks to Amazon


Mike Timmermann,

America’s grocery price war is getting a lot more interesting! After stores like Aldi, Walmart and Kroger tweaked their prices this summer ahead of discount grocer Lidl’s arrival in the U.S. — there’s a new brand twist.

With Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods Market complete as of August 28, the company is determined to shed the “Whole Paycheck” image.

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Amazon just lowered prices at Whole Foods Market

In a news release, Amazon pledged to make Whole Foods Market’s healthy and organic food affordable to everyone, starting with lower prices on a number of grocery staples on day one. visited a Whole Foods in Atlanta early Monday morning for a first look at the new, lower prices:

Whole Trade bananas

  • Old price: $0.89/pound
  • New price: $0.69/pound

Organic avocados

  • Old price: $3 each
  • New price: $1.99 each

Large brown eggs

  • Old price: $3.29
  • New price: $2.99

Organic responsibly-farmed salmon

  • Old price: $12.99/pound
  • New price: $9.99/pound

Organic baby kale

  • Old price: $3.99
  • New price: $3.49

Animal-welfare-rated 85% lean ground beef

  • Old price: $5.99/pound
  • New price: $4.99/pound

MaraNatha creamy and crunchy almond butter*

  • Old price: $9.99 to $11.99
  • New price: $6.99

*Whole Foods Market’s 365 almond butter was $7.99 on both visits.

Organic Gala apples

  • Old price: $2.79/pound
  • New price: $1.99/pound

Organic cheese shreds

  • Old price: $7.99
  • New price: $6.99

365 Everyday Value organic butter

  • Old price: $5.99
  • New price: $4.49

Editor’s note: “Before” prices were recorded on 8/24/17 and “after” prices are from 8/28/17.

Whole Foods to offer 3 exclusive perks for Amazon Prime members

Amazon says these price cuts at Whole Foods Market are just the beginning. Here are three additional big changes you can expect to see as the two companies integrate:

  1.  Amazon Prime will become Whole Foods Market’s customer rewards program, providing Prime members with special savings and other in-store benefits
  2. Whole Foods Market’s healthy and high-quality private label products will be available through, AmazonFresh, Prime Pantry and Prime Now
  3. Amazon Lockers will be available in select Whole Foods Market stores for pickup and return of packages

One thing that isn’t changing is the name. The company will continue to operate under the Whole Foods Market brand and keep its existing CEO and headquarters in Austin, Texas.

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