Do you need help with a consumer problem? Jesse Jones may be able to help.

(Watch a video on how a story gets on the air.)

Before writing, please try and resolve the issue on your own and keep documentation of your interactions.

*Contact the company about your complaint.

*If you can’t get resolution, ask to speak with a manager or supervisor.

*Check out the Click Here Before You Buy page for additional information about your complaint.

You can also report your complaint or story idea at 1-844-77-Jesse

Follow this link to send an e-mail to Jesse.

Jesse Jones usually handles consumer issues dealing with services and purchases. Except in extremely rare cases he will not investigate disputes between businesses, family law disputes, criminal issues, malpractice complaints, landlord/tenant complaints, or issues with employment/unemployment.

Please understand that by contacting us you agree to participate in a new story and may be interviewed. We receive a large number of phone calls and emails. We try to respond and help as many people as we can but sometimes we can’t get back to each person right away. However, we will be in contact as soon as possible.

Note: To help speed up the response time, please include an email address and phone number and make sure they are correct.   Also, if you have a spam/junk filter on your email, please set your filter to accept email from

Ever wonder how a story goes from tip to TV?  Jesse explains in the video below.